Links, Partners & External Resources

We have put together a list of links that we hope will be interesting and informative. Some are associations or trade groups, some are reference sites and some are just sites that we like. Please have a browse, but do remember that although we may find them interesting we cannot vouch for the accuracy of any information or condone any of the views expressed on these sites. If you stumble across any other interesting sites on your travels please let us know, we are always looking to add more interesting links.

Trade Associations and Environmental Sites

The Soil Association

The UK’s leading environmental charity promoting sustainable, organic farming and championing human health.

International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements

IFOAM is the worldwide umbrella organization for the organic movement, uniting more than 750 member organizations in 108 countries.

The Guild of Fine Food

Trade association for the fine food industry. The website includes a Deli Finder to help find you nearest fine food retailer.

Act on CO2

Find out what your carbon footprint is and how you can make some simple changes to help tackle climate change.

Food Reference and Shopping


The food section of the BBC website is a great place to look for recipes, inspiration and a pretty detailed glossary covering cooking ingredients and techniques.

The Cooks Thesaurus

US reference site covering cooking ingredients and kitchen techniques.

Speciality Food Magazine

Trade magazine for the Fine Food Trade.

The Culinary Guide

Excellent online guide for all things “foodie”.

Graig Farm Organics

Organic meat, vegetables and dairy available to order online.

We believe in buying local whenever we can so to help you do the same, here are links to the regional food groups of the UK.


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