What to Drink When

We want to take some of the mystery out of choosing tea. There are so many around at the moment, often with pretty outlandish names, that it is hard to work out how and when they would fit into our lives. We thought that if you knew what times of day the flavour and aromas of our teas suited best and why, you may be more inclined to give something new a try.

Choose a time of day:

Early Doors

We think that the first drink of the day, like the first meal, is the most important. Well chosen it will gently lift you out of your slumber and set you in the right mood for the day. Poorly chosen and your gentle awakening becomes a harsh jolt as your body asks what on earth you are doing to it!

Our suggestions will hopefully fall into the first category, gently awakening your senses with the natural freshness of our teas and helping you to start the day feeling refreshed and invigorated.

Mid Morning

By mid-morning many of us are just wishing the time away until lunch, looking forward to a sit down, maybe to some time to ourselves,or maybe a quickcatch up with some friends.

Instead of wishing your life away, why not make the most of this great time of day? Mid-morning, elevenses, tea break, whatever you call it, is a time when you can stop for a few minutes, take stock of the day so far, tick off your accomplishments, relive your experiences and make sure that you don’t miss out on anything between now and lunch.

It is a time that calls for a drink that will refresh you and keep you energised, something with a bit of zing and the strength of character to cut through the noise of the day.

We think that one of the following should fit the bill nicely.


At lunch people are often looking for different things, some want to relax and un-wind for an hour, others want to be woken up and re-energised for the afternoon ahead. Whichever way you want to go, we are fairly sure that we will have a pure, organic tea that will suit your mood.

Mid Afternoon

We all sometimes find we flag a little after lunch and a big dose of caffeine is not really the answer. It may get us through the immediate slump but you can be sure that it will wear off sometime! The alternative is to go for an invigorating infusion that wakes you up with its sensational taste and aroma and leaves you feeling refreshed rather than “buzzing”.

The afternoon can also be the time when the stresses of the day come to a head, the deadlines are getting close, the school run traffic is awful and you need something to calm those nerves. By choosing the right tea you can start to feel soothed yet refreshed with a clearer head to see through the noise and get the most out of the next few hours.

Early Evening

Early evening, before dinner, is time to sit down, collect our thoughts, and re-vitalise ourselves to enjoy the evening ahead. Sometimes only a cold glass of wine will do the job, but more often than not all your body needs is a clean and refreshing drink that clears out the noise of the day and re-focuses the mind. You can then enjoy your evening to the full, whether it is to be me time, family time or friends’ time.

Our suggestions are all flavoursome, invigorating teas that will help you unwind.


The day is done. It may have been fantastic or fantastically awful, whichever it is you need something to slow you down, to make sure you get a good night’s sleep in order to be able to do it all again tomorrow. Some of our suggested teas include herbs with reputations for having a calming influence, others may be good for digestion, others simply taste great and give you a warm cosy feeling that sends you off to bed relaxed and happy.

Good night.


we are obsessed with enriching only healthy and organic produce