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Bay Leaf – Organic


A real store cupboard essential, the dried leaf of the bay laurel tree adds a depth of flavour to many dishes.

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The dried leaf has a stronger flavour than the fresh alternative and is a valued addition to many savoury and sweet recipes.

Add whole to dishes such as stews, casseroles or Bolognese sauce, stuff into fish before grilling or crush up and add to your favourite marinade mix. They are also great in dairy based sauces and puddings such as béchamel sauce or rice pudding, where the bittersweet flavour cuts through the richness of the sauce and lifts the final dish. Along with parsley and thyme, Bay Leaves make up the traditional ingredient list for a classic Bouquet Garni, perfect for adding to poaching liquors, soups and stocks. These are an absolute must-have in any kitchen.

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Whole Organic Bay Leaves


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