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Nutmeg Whole – Organic


The seed of the nutmeg tree, a whole Nutmeg typically measures around 2cm in length and is fairly hard.

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To use it you will need to finely grate it using a nutmeg grater or the finest cut on a box grater. Grown in the warm, wet climate of the tropics the nutmeg tree is an evergreen tree that grows to about 70 feet tall. The seed is wonderful grated onto both sweet and savoury dishes.

Add it to milky puddings – a rice pudding isn’t complete without it – grate it into creamed potatoes, roasted squash or freshly wilted spinach. It is also equally at home grated into a Caribbean cocktail, or in a warming winter toddy.

During the natural storing of the Whole Nutmeg, a light film can occur over the Nutmeg. This is a natural occurrence and there will always be some variation between batches of the natural Organic product.

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Organic Whole Nutmeg


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